Ours Philanthropy

We, at Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe, believe in the mottos "Love All - Serve All", "Take Time To Be Kind", "Save The Planet", and "All Is One". The property has continued engaging with a local society and collaborating with an association to drive the message of all mottos.

Rock The School
Hard Rock Pattaya's community initiatives include "Rock the Lunch," which provides meals and entertainment to schools with limited budgets, "Rock the School," offering financial aid to students in need, and "Hard Rock Heals ONE-TO-FIVE PIANO," promoting music's healing power in partnership with the Trirat Foundation. These efforts all contribute to the broader mission of the Hard Rock Heals Foundation, which aims to improve lives worldwide through music programs.

Save The Planet Project

The Rock The Farm project, initiated in July 2016 under the motto "SAVE THE PLANET," collaborates with The King's Project of Agricultural Promotion, providing knowledge and resources for organic farming. It serves as a learning center for Hard Rock team members, growing various fruits and vegetables using 100% natural, chemical-free compost. The produce contributes to Rock the Lunch, food decoration, and cooking ingredients in F&B outlets. Additionally, the Earth Hour project supports global sustainability efforts, hosting events like the Earth Hour Run to fund animal feed donations. The Rock The Bear project uses funds from the Earth Hour Run to clean bear habitats and support wildlife breeding stations, promoting environmental and animal welfare causes.

Hero Jam

Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe Pattaya organized a special luncheon for Pattaya City Environmental Department crews, garbage collectors, and public area cleaners in Pattaya City. We wanted to give back to the people who work so hard to keep Pattaya City clean and beautiful. The event was organized at Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya and led by Mr. Jorge Carlos Smith, General Manager. During the luncheon, the Pattaya City Environmental Department members were treated to signature Hard Rock cuisine, including the Hard Rock Original Legendary® Burger, Hickory-Smoked Ribs, and more.

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